Meaning of foreshore in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɔːʃɔː/

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  • The part of a shore between high- and low-water marks, or between the water and cultivated or developed land.

    ‘Public art will soon feature on the water tank on the foreshore at Bluff Point.’
    • ‘Maori, European Pakeha, and all people who have the privilege to live in this land, see it as their right to be able to access, and have the benefit of going to, the beaches, foreshores, and coastline around New Zealand.’
    • ‘The Maori Land Court has recognised that these lands and estates may include beaches and foreshores, and they seem to have a prima facie case… or at least they do if you think that there has been even one justified land claim under the Treaty.’
    • ‘There are councils, Brisbane City Council, other councils in Adelaide who have decided to assist the process of securing for example, parks, gardens, foreshores, river fronts and secure those areas with the use of private dollars.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, NSW Labor drops legislation they claim would have ensured Australians retained a right they have always had and should never lose - the right to access our beaches and river foreshores.’
    • ‘As a result, travelers to the sea are more likely to cross long foreshores, ample beaches and wide estuaries.’
    • ‘The Helford river estuary has a rocky foreshore of granite and shale extending as reef outcrops into the estuary.’
    • ‘The tree's coppicing habit, the way one specimen can have dozens of trunks, means that in places the pines look like a wall of bamboo, rather than relatives of the giant Araucariaceae that line the foreshores of Sydney beaches.’
    • ‘Will the Prime Minister now take steps to ensure that New Zealanders can access those beaches and foreshores that are currently locked in by private landowners, in order to ensure equal treatment?’
    • ‘I come from Marlborough, and the line in the sand is the Marlborough foreshore and seabed.’
    • ‘Access to our beaches, our foreshore, and our seabed is a basic right for New Zealanders.’
    • ‘A detour left here takes you back to the foreshore, in front of Drum Sands.’
    • ‘This was a good place to try especially when most of the foreshore is mainly sand and soft mud.’
    • ‘It says that lowering of the foreshore could result in an average drop in water levels in York of 5cms.’
    • ‘This process is also destroying vegetation, washing soil and pollutants into estuaries and onto coral reefs as well as alienating foreshores from the public, and threatening beaches with rock walls.’
    • ‘A sanitary survey is a comprehensive and detailed inspection of the foreshores and tributaries of the relevant waterway, the purpose being to identify all points of pollution…’
    • ‘Well we'll stay near the water now but turn to the foreshores, where thousands of migratory birds stop off in Australia to rest, before winging their way home to the Northern Hemisphere.’
    • ‘The contaminated waste was dumped on the shallow foreshores of Homebush Bay, which eventually became reclaimed land.’
    • ‘The National Party agrees that the foreshore and seabed should be Crown land.’
    • ‘Ten percent of the foreshore and seabed is owned down to the mean high water spring by Maori under Maori title.’
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