Meaning of forest floor in English:

forest floor


  • The ground beneath the trees of a forest, consisting of roots, soil, and decomposing organic matter.

    ‘the fungi are spread over the forest floor’
    • ‘There were hundreds of large, bright red and black bugs crawling all over the forest floor.’
    • ‘Its variations in height and transparency make the roofline a canopy that casts a dappled light on the forest floor.’
    • ‘On the forest floor is an odd nest-like structure.’
    • ‘A partridge blends in well with the leaves on the forest floor.’
    • ‘I stand over the insects crawling amid the pine needles on the forest floor.’
    • ‘I sat on the forest floor, the scent of crushed pine needles under me filling the air.’
    • ‘The fire spread through the forest floor from their property to the plaintiffs' property’
    • ‘The rainwater come from forested mountains and has been discoloured by the tannins in the litter and growth on the forest floor.’
    • ‘They cut down just a few of the mahogany trees, leaving the twigs and leaves to fertilize the forest floor.’
    • ‘Narrow paths were worn into the forest floor by the million tiny legs of army and leaf-cutter ants.’