Meaning of forest management in English:

forest management


mass noun
  • The process of controlling the use or exploitation of forested land.

    ‘timber companies practised sustainable forest management’
    • ‘The discussion assessed the ability of these contrasting systems to improve forest management.’
    • ‘Most organizations operate by attempting to establish standards of good forest management.’
    • ‘Sustainable, responsible forest management requires a market for the timber.’
    • ‘It promotes responsible forest management by evaluating and certifying that timber resources meet set standards.’
    • ‘The programme supports community involvement and initiatives in forest management.’
    • ‘In the 1990s, the Ministry of Forests launched several pilot projects for adaptive forest management.’
    • ‘Forest management must provide natural diversity of age and structure.’
    • ‘Farmers are able to participate in making decisions at the core of local forest management.’
    • ‘Some owners were concerned about the lack of flexibility that sustainable forest management has.’
    • ‘This rapid expansion may have been due to forest management practices that created the park-like habitat that these birds prefer.’