Meaning of forex in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɒrɜks/


  • Foreign exchange.

    ‘In forex, as in the stock market, any deviation from the norm can cause large price and volume movements.’
    • ‘In forex, crosses are defined as currency pairs that do not have the USD as part of the pairing.’
    • ‘While forex can keep pouring in, other than payments for imports, there are not many outflows.’
    • ‘The pricing of money occurs on the foreign exchange market, also known as forex.’
    • ‘Then there is also the Reserve Bank which has its hand deep in the Foreign exchange market buying out forex.’
    • ‘Another point to note is that there was never enough money being sold at the auctions, so people resorted to other outlets where they could buy the forex they needed.’
    • ‘When you look at a Bureau de Change board, there is the offer and bid side to the forex.’
    • ‘Others had imported fuel in very large quantities in anticipation of price increases, whilst forex was unprocedurally externalised.’
    • ‘At first I thought it was one of those days when they don't feel like trading because there is too much forex to handle.’