Meaning of forgivingly in English:


Pronunciation /fəˈɡɪvɪŋli/


See forgiving

‘Hard-core still has a massive male market, but increasing numbers of women are turning on to the ‘softer’ side of sexual imagery or, as it's more forgivingly known, erotica.’
  • ‘Joe storms out to the pub and later returns to find that Cathie has submissively cleaned up the mess and is forgivingly waiting for him - in bed.’
  • ‘The formula features a sort of sing-by-committee affair that sometimes forgivingly uses three-part harmonies to drown out the nasal lead vocal mewling.’
  • ‘If he has struggled before and is now making progress, we might look at his writing more forgivingly and play up his accomplishments in our response.’
  • ‘The film captures these accumulating defeats tenderly and forgivingly, and makes each moment feel authentic and real.’