Meaning of forint in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɒrɪnt/

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  • The basic monetary unit of Hungary, equal to 100 filler.

    ‘We will buy forints in Hungary, zlotys in Poland and tolars in Slovenia.’
    • ‘It's wrong to give so much money to a couple of historical films - 2 billion forints [8 million dollars] - and neglect new directors making films about contemporary subjects.’
    • ‘In Hungary, the forint came under severe pressure this year because of the rising state deficit.’
    • ‘On the downside, the Iceland krona fell 2.4%, the Uruguay peso 1.6%, the Hungarian forint 1.4%, and the Polish zloty 1.4%.’
    • ‘Month-to-date, the Swedish krona, Hungarian forint, Czech koruna, and Norwegian krone have gained almost 5% against the dollar.’
    • ‘Plus, currencies in these markets have strengthened, meaning returns in Hungarian forints or Brazilian reals get a boost when rendered in dollars.’
    • ‘On the upside, the Japanese yen gained 4.3%, the Hungarian forint 3.0%, the Iceland krona 2.9%, and the Indian rupee 2.0%.’
    • ‘Until Hungary joins the Euro-zone in 2010, the legal currency is the Hungarian forint - although some restaurants and hotels will accept euros.’
    • ‘On the downside, the South African rand declined 3%, the Hungarian forint 1.6%, and the British pound 1.3%.’
    • ‘The South African rand sank 7% and the Hungarian forint 4%.’
    • ‘Now she works 12 hours a day collecting 40 Hungarian forints from every person who wants to use the toilets.’
    • ‘Once the Hungarian forint goes, the markets will turn on the currencies of better-run economies like Poland and the Czech and Slovak Republics.’
    • ‘Even the market for the Hungarian forint, a previously strong currency, this week faltered in illiquidity.’
    • ‘So you will still have to cope with the kroon, zloty, tolar and forint for a few years.’
    • ‘The bad news is that the admission to the United sector is a hefty 12,000 forints.’
    • ‘We charge 49,999 forints for a plot on the Moon.’
    • ‘Among the birds - valued at 5.1 million forints - were yellow wagtails, field larks, sparrows and pipits.’
    • ‘The sentences, however, were later reduced, prompting the young victim in late July to seek a half-million forints in damages from the state.’
    • ‘It's just a bit too disparate, though, and not quite as beautiful as the Czech capital, and again we got very seriously ripped off by a taxi driver who insisted we'd given him 500 forints when actually we'd given him 5000.’
    • ‘Here's 300 forints, get half a kilo and a beer for yourself.’


Hungarian, from Italian fiorino (see florin).