Meaning of forkful in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɔːkfʊl/

nounplural noun forkfuls

See fork

‘It tastes marvelously clean between forkfuls of spring greens in cherry tomato vinaigrette, which comes on the side.’
  • ‘I lifted up a forkful and let it drop back onto the plate.’
  • ‘Mac bit into a forkful of the scrambled eggs and found them mildly spiced with a flavor he couldn't name.’
  • ‘Do you sometimes long for a taste of your mom's beef dumpling or a forkful of warm wild blueberry pie in a flaky crust?’
  • ‘You still have to tend your risotto, pouring in the liquid as it is absorbed, but your arm can now rest up for the more important task of lifting forkfuls of yummy arborio rice to your mouth.’