Meaning of forlornly in English:


Pronunciation /fəˈlɔːnli/

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‘She had lost the final point of that service game in disarray, falling over in mid-rally and desperately, but forlornly, flailing at the ball to try to get it back.’
  • ‘She stared so boldly and so forlornly and so desperately that her heart could have done her talking for her.’
  • ‘To those who had watched forlornly as his political hopes ground to a halt in 1989, 1994 and 1998, it seemed he was tempting fate.’
  • ‘All he could do was stand in the rubble of his precious memories, and forlornly point out random spots now cluttered with cranes and building supplies.’
  • ‘As a technologically illiterate parent, I could only wave forlornly from the other side of the widening technological divide.’