Meaning of forlornness in English:


Pronunciation /fəˈlɔːnnɪs/


See forlorn

‘Nor does it, as some supporters of the project insist, either convey unsettling, dizzy-making sensations, or employ milder, aesthetically educational means to let the forlornness of the victims be heard.’
  • ‘How unspeakable, then, it struck her, that worldly arrangements should contribute to the forlornness of one's natural state!’
  • ‘The repetition in lines two and four underscores the severity of the situation and the depth of the speaker's forlornness: She cannot simply relieve the pain that she feels through a pleasurable activity.’
  • ‘In at least this viewer's effort to make sense of things, those faces invited us to acknowledge the comic forlornness manifested by the other photographs - in other words, to accept them as true.’
  • ‘The smile she'd had on her face slowly dissipated as a feeling of forlornness washed over her.’