Meaning of form criticism in English:

form criticism


mass noun
  • Analysis of the Bible by tracing the history of its content of parables, psalms, and other literary forms.

    ‘Using the techniques of source criticism and form criticism, historical-critical scholarship analyzed biblical pericopes and looked through them to reconstruct the history of the traditions that lay behind the canonical documents.’
    • ‘While Moloney does not reject source criticism, form criticism, redaction criticism, or textual criticism, they are subjected severely to his presentation of Mark's narrative.’
    • ‘The author begins this provocative study by encouraging readers of the Psalms to move beyond formula theology and form criticism and reclaim the poetic roots of the entire theological enterprise.’
    • ‘To gain even the pragmatic cogency to which Countryman aspires, I suspect that he needs to make more theoretical space for what biblical scholarship calls form criticism.’
    • ‘In the preceding decades the development of form criticism had placed more weight on the importance of oral traditions in early Christianity.’
    • ‘This revised doctoral dissertation is a study of the Synoptic sayings that reveal family conflicts lived by Jesus' disciples, combining the two methods of form criticism and social-science interpretation.’
    • ‘We all know the basic tenet of form criticism, that the sayings and stories of Jesus floated independently during the oral period of the church and were altered progressively on the basis of the kerygmatic needs of the church.’
    • ‘Most contemporary biblical scholars are aware of the relativity of many of the texts based on sitz im leben and form criticism but now some question the very possibility of language communication itself.’
    • ‘He uses form criticism as a primary way of describing the character of the literature, but brings in other perspectives when they illuminate the texts.’
    • ‘Newsom's book also breathes new life into form criticism as a functional tool of biblical studies and Joban interpretation.’
    • ‘Yet, Carson says the unbelieving form criticism argument ‘has some weight.’’
    • ‘Behind all these issues about form criticism and eyewitnesses is a much larger issue about how history and faith relate in Christian reading of the Gospels.’
    • ‘The answer to these questions was the aim of form criticism or Formgeschichte.’
    • ‘This Bible study pamphlet discusses various methods that are part of the historical-critical method such as form criticism, redaction criticism, source criticism, and literary criticism.’
    • ‘A third type, form criticism, helps us to detect the way in which the material developed over time through oral transmission until final inclusion in our present documents.’
    • ‘Traditional diachronic methods fit within approaches that are historical-critical, such as source criticism, form criticism, redaction criticism and the study of the history of a tradition.’
    • ‘Its importance, however, cannot be lightly dismissed since it has much in common with certain types of form criticism.’
    • ‘All three topics relate to the documentary hypothesis and form criticism.’
    • ‘During that session, I hope to run through a few examples of things I've been working on with syntax searching in the area of epistolary form criticism.’