Meaning of form drag in English:

form drag


mass nounAeronautics
  • That part of the drag on an aerofoil which arises from its shape. It varies according to the angle of attack and can be decreased by streamlining.

    ‘At high swimming speeds, the energy lost in overcoming induced drag is lower than for form drag.’
    • ‘Drag in swimming is derived from three main sources: form drag, wave drag and surface drag.’
    • ‘Discussions with Christoph at AIR, who is very helpful, revealed that the slop needs to be there because at high speeds, the form drag on the side wires would otherwise deploy the spoilers slightly.’
    • ‘Car designers can reduce form drag by streamlining an object used for transportation, like a bike or a car.’
    • ‘In order to minimise the form drag the projectile needs to be ‘streamlined’.’