Meaning of form factor in English:

form factor


  • 1A mathematical factor which compensates for irregularity in the shape of an object, usually the ratio between its volume and that of a regular object of the same breadth and height.

    ‘If the particle form factors are known, an experimental average structure factor can be extracted by dividing the intensity by the average form factor.’
    • ‘The theoretic Bessel function is characterized by an infinite number of oscillations and corresponds to the model form factor of infinitely long and thin hollow columns.’
    • ‘In salt-containing and dilute solutions, the form factor can be directly deduced from measurements and the conformation adopted by the molecule clearly identified.’
    • ‘Also, the form factor of anisotropic flat bilayers does not have a minimum at low q.’
    • ‘The angular dependence provides information on the phage dimensions through the analysis of the form factor P (q).’
    • ‘The square root of the corrected peak intensity was finally used to determine the form factor F of each respective reflection.’
    • ‘The novel cylindrical form factor contributes the maximum strength per unit of material while allowing the device to be placed deep in the body through a 4-mm incision.’
    • ‘The broad peak could be well fitted by a single bilayer form factor, with changeable bilayer thickness and electron density contrast.’
    • ‘This indicates that the two peaks cannot arise from a simple single form factor.’
    • ‘If the ULV bilayer is structurally the same, then the different sets of form factors should lie on the same continuous transform.’
    • ‘These questions illustrate the fact that form factor selection is not always simple.’
    • ‘A solution to that was to use analytic form factors between a point and a polygon.’
    • ‘Note that there has been significant recent discussion regarding the apparent discrepancy among the results from the different methods used to extract the proton form factor ratio.’
  • 2The physical size and shape of a piece of computer hardware.

    ‘A standard form factor for graphics hardware would give a company like Dell or HP added flexibility in product offerings, at the cost of some inventory management overhead.’
    • ‘Also, the small form factor allows them to be integrated into a laptop computer or other consumer electronic devices.’
    • ‘What makes it more like a Treo (or the upcoming Blackberry 8300c) is its form factor including the compact QWERTY keyboard.’
    • ‘But until recently, this influence has been limited by the form factor of computers.’
    • ‘A couple years ago, pen computers re-emerged as tablets with a larger form factor, supposedly expanded functionality and definitely expanded pricing.’
    • ‘This drive (not coincidentally) is the same size form factor that fits DDS.’
    • ‘These compact PCs offer nearly all the strength of a desktop system but come in a notebook form factor - albeit one that appears to have bulked up on performance-enhancing drugs.’
    • ‘Moving away from the iPod form factor is a good move, not just because it monopolises space (the size as well as the shiny metal back is responsible for that), but because it's out of step with device size + shape.’
    • ‘Given its unique form factor and somewhat fragile feel, the 2.5-by 4.5-inch unit isn't for everyone.’
    • ‘If you're looking for a high resolution, megapixel camera, Olympus offers one of the best solutions we've seen so far - in a small form factor.’
    • ‘The form factor of the Barryvox is equally beautiful.’
    • ‘I liked the Motorola V70 because of the spinner form factor.’
    • ‘We are just at the beginning of a period where the form factor is the ultimate differentiator.’
    • ‘Hands-on testing left him impressed with the form factor.’
    • ‘This little sucker has a beautiful form factor and just elegantly and simplistically does what it's supposed to do - plays.’
    • ‘I doubt that that many people will use 60GB of storage, but there are lots of other features you could add while you keep the same form factor.’
    • ‘The product has sleek, clean lines, a diminutive form factor, and less than half of the useful features that everyone was expecting.’
    • ‘Given its small form factor, expandability is not this machine's forte.’
    • ‘The satisfying feel of the keys beneath my fingers make up for its larger-than-necessary form factor.’
    • ‘My work colleagues who have grown used to the familiar shape of their Nokia 6310 phones will have to be happy with a slightly different form factor in a newer Nokia monoblock phone.’