Meaning of form mistress in English:

form mistress


  • A female teacher who has responsibility for a particular class in a school.

    ‘she was my form mistress in my last year of school’
    • ‘The time came when my form mistress embarrassed me in front of my classmates.’
    • ‘The avid sports all-rounder pitched her first ever business proposal to the form mistress at her school.’
    • ‘She made a great impression on me as our Form Mistress with her little talks on behaviour and integrity.’
    • ‘We could see the trains from our form room and our form mistress told us to look at the last steam train on the island leaving the station.’
    • ‘Marie's form mistress tells me she expects to see her at her best again very soon’
    • ‘My form mistress was understandably annoyed with me for forgetting to bring a pencil for a shorthand lesson.’
    • ‘Her form mistress told the pupil to go and do her hair again.’
    • ‘We felt our form-mistress's power was 'awesome' and would not dream of cheeking her or causing disruption in her lessons.’
    • ‘He had given me a note for my form-mistress so I could skip part of school that Saturday morning.’
    • ‘His first form mistress at grammar school took an interest in his writing.’