Meaning of form teacher in English:

form teacher


mainly British
  • A teacher who has responsibility for a particular class in a school.

    ‘his form teacher recorded him late 22 times’
    • ‘You need to go and talk to your form teacher or someone else in school that you trust.’
    • ‘Laura came home very distressed because she thought her form teacher would tell her off for being late.’
    • ‘Start by making an appointment with your child's form teacher, and explain what has been happening.’
    • ‘Each form teacher registered the students' attendance, collected meal money and tried to be a general guide and mentor.’
    • ‘Thanks to her hard work, and with the help of an excellent form teacher and special needs teacher, she did well in her tests.’
    • ‘My form teacher, Mr Elsdon, was one of the strictest teachers but he believed in me and had faith in me.’
    • ‘Every morning it is the responsibility of the form teacher to register all pupils.’
    • ‘If your child is hesitant about approaching her form teacher, ask if there is someone else in the school she could talk to.’
    • ‘The children were quietly instructed to smarten up their appearance by form teachers.’
    • ‘Shocked by her daughter's poor attendance, she said she visited the school and spoke with the girl's form teachers.’
    • ‘The form teachers get to know each student well and care for their well being and progress.’
    • ‘The form teachers meet with the students every day to discuss issues affecting our young people today.’