Meaning of formal garden in English:

formal garden


  • A garden laid out in a conventional and ordered design.

    ‘the Georgian house is surrounded by formal gardens’
    • ‘a formal garden with an ornamental pool and wooded walks’
    • ‘Figures are posed in formal gardens, evoking an air of romantic ennui, a nostalgia for a vanished age.’
    • ‘Though weeds may be banished from the central beds of a formal garden, they were still capable of sturdy growth and a beauty all their own.’
    • ‘It draws beautifully on French formal gardens, at first luring the viewer with a sense of calm familiarity, then captivating the eye with details which are exciting and current.’
    • ‘Each dormitory had a formal garden in front of it, a small plot with tropical plants that we tried to clip into funny shapes.’
    • ‘In 1809, the grand country house had its formal gardens torn up to create a romantic wilderness.’
    • ‘Visitors can also enjoy strolling about the now mature formal garden, which also lies within the moated area.’
    • ‘Walk a bit farther in this direction if you want to visit the beautiful formal gardens and wildlife park.’
    • ‘The right-hand wing features a room that overlooks the formal gardens.’
    • ‘Another unusual feature was the discovery of large formal gardens within the courtyard and in front of the palace, now partly reconstructed.’
    • ‘The small, variously shaped flowerbeds of his formal garden still survive.’