Meaning of formate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɔːmeɪt/


  • A salt or ester of formic acid.

    ‘The sodium formate is then carefully treated with sulfuric acid at low temperatures and distilled in a vacuum to yield formic acid.’
    • ‘Glycolaldehyde contains exactly the same atoms, though in a different molecular structure, as methyl formate and acetic acid, both of which were detected previously in interstellar clouds.’
    • ‘In this context we note that the diffusional contribution to the formate and acetate relaxation dispersion was not detected as a distortion to the Lorentzian relaxation profile.’
    • ‘Examination of the structure of OxlT in more detail provides a clearer understanding of the chemistry underlying the transport of substrates such as oxalate and formate.’
    • ‘As the FDA and NutraSweet know full well, ripe fruits always contain the natural antidote, ethanol, which protects from methanol poisoning by preventing the conversion to formaldehyde and formate.’