Meaning of Formula One in English:

Formula One


(also F1)
mass noun Trademark
  • An international form of motor racing, whose races are called Grands Prix.

    ‘he made a victorious return to Formula One’
    • ‘a Formula One driver’
    • ‘His talent is not in question - he is widely regarded as the best Japanese driver to race in Formula One.’
    • ‘Now that he has earned a super license, Speed will be permitted to race in Formula One should the opportunity arise.’
    • ‘It would also promote the interests of Formula One that motor sport be seen to institute a full inquiry into the events.’
    • ‘Every year, the most promising driver in Formula One is chosen and is given the Lorenzo Bandini Trophy.’
    • ‘We work together which is very important for the team and I think he's one of the best drivers in Formula One.’
    • ‘In both the language and the performance of Michael Schumacher there is no longer any place for Formula One to hide.’
    • ‘Thus there were times when the emphasis lay with the sports racing prototypes rather than with Formula One.’
    • ‘It is going to be the first raced missed by Montoya since his debut in Formula One back in 2001.’
    • ‘He will be highly focused to compete in Formula One again after he has missed two races.’
    • ‘I think it is the first time in modern Formula One that there have been two Dutch drivers in the same team.’
    • ‘If you write Formula One is boring, Formula One is bad, everyone is going to say that.’
    • ‘There remained room for one more sport and we were down to Formula One, motorbike racing or horse racing.’
    • ‘It's the Finn's second pole position of the season and his fifth in Formula One.’
    • ‘This week marks the start of Jenson Button's fifth season in Formula One.’
    • ‘However, everything in Formula One is relative to your competitors and we are still pushing hard to improve.’
    • ‘What are your feelings about the speeds in Formula One at the moment?’
    • ‘This is fundamental to the future health and stability of Formula One.’
    • ‘One more will draw him level with the career bests of Formula One's Juan Pablo Montoya and Nick Heidfeld.’
    • ‘Those unable or unwilling to accept this have no place in Formula One.’
    • ‘Jaguar's Tony Purnell, one of the more grounded people in Formula One, took a dim view of recent events.’