Meaning of formulaically in English:



See formulaic

‘And finally, formulaically, she invokes that neighborly, over-the-fence standard ‘common sense’ to pit us against those wacky liberal intellectuals.’
  • ‘I am baffled by the difference between the formulaically charismatic man I met in public, outside of the house and the uninterested, pathetic and almost sinister figure before me.’
  • ‘The grammar of the Tamil film song is almost formulaically strict.’
  • ‘The songs are just so tentative and directionless, and the whole electro-acoustic thing so formulaically and routinely applied, that she seems like a mere pawn at the mercy of her collaborators and record company.’
  • ‘She dressed in her sterile-looking laboratory gown, formulaically announcing her rank as leading scientist in IHIS.’