Meaning of formulation in English:


Pronunciation /fɔːmjʊˈleɪʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1mass noun The action of creating or preparing something.

    ‘the formulation of foreign policy’
    • ‘Working Against Poverty is designed to assist groups specially in contributing to policy formulation on anti-poverty issues.’
    • ‘In policy formulation, follow the concept of public servants reaching out to the people and not vice versa.’
    • ‘Only the best-organized groups play an active role in the first phase of policy development, formulation.’
    • ‘Taken together, the modules reflect an algorithm of creating a new technical solution from concept formulation to its realization.’
    • ‘Finally, we educate policy-makers on the developmental issues that pertain to policy formulation.’
    • ‘Nowhere are these insecurities more manifest than in the areas of philosophical debate, the analysis of defence funding and policy formulation.’
    • ‘It documents and disseminates information needed for policy formulation and implementation related to self-employment.’
    • ‘Personally, I think we should avoid privileging economics as the pre-eminent discipline in formulation of public policy.’
    • ‘Can you blame the Senate blocking his half-baked attempts at policy formulation?’
    • ‘The fundamental issue at stake is truth in public discourse and public policy formulation.’
    • ‘We shall conclude by commenting on a number of these themes related to the development and formulation of this particular language policy.’
    • ‘No, my experience is that he was not that directly involved in the legal strategy or formulation of policy.’
    • ‘Its length and detail constitute a rare, thorough, and largely unbiased examination of policy formulation over an extended period for a major national railway system.’
    • ‘The merger is part of a larger trend in the government to streamline policy formulation processes, Kwok said.’
    • ‘The strategy formulation process should, in short, lead to good strategic thinking.’
    • ‘The strategy formulation process is important because a better process should produce better strategies.’
    • ‘For economic and monetary policy formulation, the price index represents a central indicator.’
    • ‘Proprietary software for strategy formulation and strategic thinking falls into six main groups briefly discussed below.’
    • ‘The second route to the discovery of laws is by formulation of hypotheses.’
    • ‘There are times when there is insufficient evidence to make the formulation of a hypothesis feasible.’
    origination, creation, innovation, devising, contriving, contrivance, formulation, development, design
    1. 1.1count noun A particular expression of an idea, thought, or theory.
      ‘compare this complex formulation with Bosch's much more simplistic analysis’
      • ‘The first aspect of Field's case is to rebut this charge, by providing nominalistic formulations of scientific theories.’
      • ‘Within identity theory varying formulations have been developed, including those by Stryker and Burke.’
      • ‘Again we can find no basis for this in quantum theory, where some formulations do not contain wave function collapse or even wave functions.’
      • ‘She was a brilliant thinker, whose ideas and formulations were always evolving.’
      • ‘Hobbes found himself in something of a tactical quandary in his early formulations of this theory.’
      • ‘For this he relied on Upton who produced mathematical formulations of Edison's ideas.’
      • ‘Yes, I have certainly been accused of using difficult words and complex formulations.’
      • ‘This formulation oversimplifies complex processes but nevertheless, remains accurate.’
      • ‘The Congress party has appeared to prefer to adhere to the time-worn and traditional formulations adopted on these issues.’
      • ‘We are unclear at this stage on the precise mathematical formulation of this notion.’
      • ‘However, a more precise mathematical formulation by him is found in the accompanying Perspectives article.’
      • ‘As such it is the first precise formulation of a quantum theory of gravity.’
      • ‘A similar relationship may be suggested between alternative formulations of quantum theory and quantum theory itself.’
      • ‘In this latter topic, he gave a mathematical formulation of the law of mortality in 1772.’
      • ‘As a result of these practical activities, there come theoretical formulations and philosophical principles.’
      • ‘Written in a clear and readable style, this book offers an introduction to the classical formulation of the doctrine.’
      • ‘The standard formulations of various scientific principles themselves contain mathematical terminology and involve mathematical objects.’
      • ‘They simply adopted the everyday risk formulation and said that a duty of care does not even arise.’
      • ‘It is hopefully apparent what havoc this formulation of foreign policy will wreak.’
      • ‘A panacea ingredient for creating the perfect formulation with soy still does not exist.’
      ritual, worship, service, ceremony, rite, observance, celebration, ordinance, office, sacrament, solemnity, ceremonial
  • 2A material or mixture prepared according to a formula.

    ‘post-shave formulations which keep skin soft’
    • ‘Of course, these are most effective when prepared in a balanced formulation according to the constitution and symptoms of the patient.’
    • ‘Our database did not contain diagnoses, dosage recommendations, or individually prepared drug formulations.’
    • ‘Acid in the glyphosate formulation is what actually kills weeds.’
    • ‘Planting herbicide-resistant hybrids may allow growers to use herbicide formulations normally used on soybeans or other crops.’
    • ‘No evidence exists that reducing the dose or using modified release formulations would reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal haemorrhage.’
    • ‘Typical glyphosate formulations sold in the U.S. and Canada have the following components listed in Table 2.’
    • ‘Figure 2 shows the distance of spray drift from the various nozzle tips with the two glyphosate formulations.’
    • ‘Since the lotion formulation provided nearly total protection, the test participants preferred it.’
    • ‘Proper selection of topical formulations may decrease side effects and increase patient compliance.’
    • ‘The topical formulation has special enhancers that significantly increase the rate of penetration into the scalp.’
    • ‘I saw that this formulation contained a high concentration of absolute ethanol.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the only supplement that combines these two immune boosters in a ready-made formulation also contains gelatin.’
    • ‘Citrus oil is usually added to other pesticide formulations such as soaps and botanical pesticides.’
    • ‘Copper from this pesticide formulation has been found in runoff from fields that have plastic mulch.’
    • ‘However, most clinicians and patients feel they are less effective than the regular release formulations.’
    • ‘In some cases the nature of the pesticide formulation requires rinsing with a solvent other than water.’
    • ‘Other new treatments include new cream formulations and new biologic agents.’
    • ‘For all formulations tested, uptake of photosensitizer into cells was dependent on concentration, time and temperature.’
    • ‘Again, the results were abysmal - until he tested a popular formulation for staying awake that contains caffeine.’
    • ‘Active ingredients contained in dry formulations are expressed only as a percentage by weight.’