Meaning of formwork in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɔːmwəːk/


another term for shuttering
‘Lattice girders stiffened the outside formwork in both vertical and horizontal directions so that it could sustain wind loads while being repositioned.’
  • ‘Miller described the formwork and scaffolding as sub-standard and ‘third-world’.’
  • ‘The marks of the plywood formwork on the concrete surface subtly evoke the presence of wood.’
  • ‘Internal vibration is vibrating the concrete from within the formwork, while external vibration is vibrating the formwork from the outside.’
  • ‘This is exactly what happened in the construction: the shell of the dome was cast first, and the edge beams tensioned, causing the shell to lift off the formwork, and then the edge beams were cast.’
  • ‘This means that the formwork on the east end of the building has already been poured, stripped, and moved up before the west end is ready to receive concrete.’
  • ‘Inmate laborers were used to build the wood formwork, set 13,270 pounds of reinforcing steel, and place 59.6 cubic yards concrete.’
  • ‘It flows long distances, including moving around corners in the formwork, and it provides good contact with reinforcement.’
  • ‘The formwork on this system is hung on the scaffolding so that it can be easily retracted and opened.’
  • ‘Today on site, as the formwork is slowly being struck, the white concrete revealed demonstrates that the technology has been extremely successful.’
  • ‘Crews first remove the shoring, followed by the formwork.’
  • ‘To make sure that the formwork stays put, the company has nylon fiberglass camlock clamps that hold the boards to just about any stake.’
  • ‘The 21-storeyed residential complex, quake-resistant structures and the formwork, to name a few, are some of the structures that caught the attention of those present.’
  • ‘On upper levels, climbing formwork, supported by the portion of the wall previously poured rather than by the ground, is used on the exterior face of the wall formwork wherever there is a long drop.’
  • ‘The formwork weighs over 110 tonnes and is anchored to the structure at twelve points.’
  • ‘Gang formwork is designed to be assembled once then used many times without disassembly, and therefore a repetitious forming module is necessary.’
  • ‘It was also decided to cast the concrete in two lifts in order to reduce the stresses in the supporting formwork and to provide more effective cooling systems.’
  • ‘Such formwork can be made 100% vapor tight, he says, reducing the need for concrete cover.’
  • ‘The contractor is responsible for designing and constructing the formwork and making sure it is safe.’
  • ‘Made of lightweight HDPE, with an integral waterstop, these sleeves install easily within the formwork.’