Meaning of forsakenness in English:


Pronunciation /fəˈseɪk(ə)nnɪs/


See forsaken

‘Gregarious from the start, the only time he is alone is in his death, the awfulness of which is an enforced loneliness and forsakenness without any way of a transcendent escape.’
  • ‘And for the most part societies and, indeed, entire cultures have disapproved of that kind of story which offers an unalleviated picture of human forsakenness.’
  • ‘Into the dark and unfriendly ocean of forsakenness my spirit sank in despair as my shattered life lay before my eyes like a horror too incomprehensible to understand.’
  • ‘They allow us to shout out our forsakenness in the dark caverns of abandonment.’
  • ‘There is much to convince us of the desolation and forsakenness of life.’