Meaning of fortepiano in English:


nounplural noun fortepianos

  • A piano, especially of the kind made in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

    ‘The piano teacher gives all lessons on an early fortepiano that has a knee lever for operating the damper mechanism.’
    • ‘Of uncertain origins, he was one of the community of émigré musicians who made an itinerant orchestral career in Britain, playing a variety of wind and string instruments, the fortepiano, and the cittern.’
    • ‘He demonstrates on a Stein fortepiano alongside the Steinway, discussing his decisions about articulation and dynamics in key passages.’
    • ‘Although fortepianos have higher decay rates than their 20th Century cousins, Bilson manipulates that decay with such skill you can feel the tail of silence quiver.’
    • ‘The pianist's clipped articulation does suggest a fortepiano more than a modern concert grand, but interpretively, Kovacevich presents Beethoven as a nose-thumber out to turn things on their ears.’



/ˌfɔːteɪˈpjɑːnəʊ/ /ˌfɔːteɪˈpjanəʊ/


Mid 18th century from forte+ piano.