Main meanings of forth in English

: forth1Forth2


Pronunciation /fɔːθ/

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  • 1 formal, literary Out and away from a starting point.

    ‘we rose at dawn and sallied forth’
    • ‘And finally, we sallied forth into the centre of Nottingham in all our finery.’
    • ‘Sally paced back and forth, trying to absorb all of the new sights and smells at once.’
    • ‘At the war's end Britain had secured a global network of naval bases from which it could sally forth to crush any opposition.’
    • ‘The friendly banter that shot back and forth between the team had quickly drawn him in.’
    • ‘The sight of all that paper spewing forth from the printer almost caused it to spontaneously combust.’
    out, outside, away, off, ahead, forward, away from home, abroad
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    1. 1.1So as to be known or revealed; out.
      ‘a paper setting forth their grievances’
      • ‘Despite all of Britain's efforts, each new generation has brought forth a fresh set of volunteers.’
      • ‘Some of the case presentations bring forth vividly the problems of good patient management.’
      • ‘Increased popularity and action brought forth legislation that could force change.’
      • ‘He champions free speech but if opposing views are brought forth, he interrupts and heckles.’
      • ‘The government is ready to take any challenge the outlaws have thrown forth.’
  • 2 formal, literary Onwards in time.

    ‘ from that day forth he gave me endless friendship’
    • ‘But essentially, I ceased to regard lying as a viable option from that day forth.’
    • ‘ From that day forth, I would never be that same child.’
    • ‘I left home in the summer of 1986 and from that day forth I was a visitor to the place I had called home all my life.’
    • ‘I first met him at Junior day and I liked him from that day forth.’
    • ‘From this moment forth I wish to be addressed in a manner fitting of my station.’
    • ‘All my energy from this point forth shall be given to what is positive, to what I truly desire.’
    onward, onwards, on, forward, forwards
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Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch voort and German fort, from an Indo-European root shared by fore-.

Main meanings of Forth in English

: forth1Forth2


Pronunciation /fɔːθ/

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proper noun

  • 1A river of central Scotland, rising on Ben Lomond and flowing eastwards through Stirling into the North Sea.

    1. 1.1A shipping forecast area covering Scottish coastal waters roughly from Berwick in the south to Aberdeen in the north, including the Firth of Forth.