Meaning of fortified in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɔːtɪfʌɪd/


  • 1(of a place) provided with defensive works as protection against attack.

    ‘a fortified manor house’
    • ‘Two hours later, a car bomb was detonated near the city's fortified airport.’
    • ‘Everyone going in and out of the heavily fortified area receives proper scrutiny from military men.’
    • ‘Fighters say a lack of anti-tank weapons puts them at a disadvantage when attacking heavily fortified army bases.’
    • ‘An audacious attack on a heavily fortified base did far more damage than initially reported.’
    • ‘The two countries remain technically at war, separated by a heavily fortified border.’
    • ‘Damage to the fortified building was limited, and all inside were safely evacuated.’
    • ‘The soldiers retreated to heavily fortified bunkers.’
    • ‘It was first built back in the mid-13th century as a fortified castle.’
    • ‘A fortified citadel has stood on this spot since the Phoenicians ruled Malta, back in 1000 BC.’
    • ‘This gate was one of only two entries into the medieval fortified city.’
    • ‘The military has built fortified positions every couple of miles.’
    • ‘Its panels creating a pattern of crenellations reminiscent of what one might find in a medieval fortified town in northern Italy.’
    • ‘Both sites contained open villages with fortified settlements made up of wooden boxes filled with soil or stones.’
  • 2Denoting wine of a type to which spirits have been added so as to produce port, sherry, or a similar drink.

    ‘many fortified wines are sweet’
    • ‘I waited until the end of my trip to dive into port wines, those supple, fortified dessert wines for which the city is renowned.’
    • ‘He produces a selection of pear cider), fortified fruit wines, and spirits.’
    • ‘Initially making a fortified wine, the company has since moved into spirits and making beer.’
    • ‘This fortified wine infused with botanicals like herbs, bark, or spices first appeared in Italy as an aperitif’
    • ‘He likes to pair foods flavored with rosemary with a fino sherry, a dry fortified wine.’
    • ‘These fortified wines come from the rugged hills in the Roussillon region of southern France.’
    • ‘Over time, styles changed from fortified wines like sherry and port, to table wines.’
    • ‘This sweet fortified wine from Spain fell out of fashion briefly in favor of brighter younger wines.’
    • ‘Most countries produced a version of fortified wine out of necessity.’
    • ‘Sales of premium fortified wines are holding steady, even improving.’
  • 3(of food) having had vitamins or other supplements added so as to increase the nutritional value.

    ‘fortified breakfast cereals’
    • ‘The iron in fortified baby foods is not easily digested.’
    • ‘Fortified breakfast cereals, brown rice, or whole-wheat pasta all offer essential carbohydrates, fiber, iron, and B vitamins.’
    • ‘Every pupil now gets a fortified cereal before their lessons—increasing attendance rates and concentration levels.’
    • ‘Just like fortified milk, opting for fortified cereals can be a healthy choice.’
    • ‘Early versions of commercially manufactured infant formula were often fortified cow's milk.’
    • ‘You can find vitamin D in fortified dairy products.’
    • ‘Lactating mothers are also getting fortified foods, including vitamins and energy complements.’
    • ‘Fortified foods can reduce iron deficiency, but whether they can also reduce zinc deficiency is less certain.’
    • ‘One would have to drink nearly a dozen glasses of fortified milk to get the minimum amount of vitamin D needed in a day.’
    • ‘Test results showed fortified rice significantly improved the children's vitamin A and zinc status.’