Meaning of fortnightly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɔːtnʌɪtli/

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  • Happening or produced every two weeks.

    ‘a fortnightly bulletin’
    • ‘Caroni's problems will not be solved by government paying wages, salaries and sums due to cane farmers and others involved in the industry on a fortnightly basis, as happened last week Friday.’
    • ‘He said he worried about what would happen to medical waste now the authority has switched to fortnightly pick-ups of household refuse.’
    • ‘The changes, as with the introduction of fortnightly collections in York, are intended to encourage recycling, with garden waste being collected every other week instead of ordinary household rubbish.’
    • ‘I can't think why the council should even be considering the possibilities of a fortnightly collection of the household waste, with what the implication of such an ill-thought out change such as this would mean.’
    • ‘An Arts Council grant has provided this opportunity and banished a ‘Civil Service mentality’ that relied on the comfort of the fortnightly cheque from his RTÉ job.’
    • ‘One was that customers were ‘wedded’ to the weekly collection, seeing it as a basic service entitlement and focusing more on the perceived problems around fortnightly collections.’
    • ‘Mark Crane, leader of the council, said: ‘One of their criticisms is that they want us to go to fortnightly bin collections, which the people of Selby do not want.’’
    • ‘Bohemian jazz lovers have a new haunt, Bar Eile beside the Garavogue, where the first of a fortnightly jazz club session will take place on Sunday, February 13 at 4pm.’
    • ‘She charges regular customers £10 per 20-minute fortnightly session - and, to her surprise, just as many men as women are showing up for the sessions.’
    • ‘His fortnightly diary column for L' Espresso has consistently aimed to make upmarket literature intelligible to the ordinary reader, as well as arguing the case for taking popular art forms seriously.’
    • ‘Their eggs were then counted and compared with their usual fortnightly yield to see whether true chicken fulfilment - and hence more eggs - could be found in the Viennese master's music.’
    • ‘But of the 34 per cent who weren't happy with the fortnightly collection, their main concerns were about the hygiene and storage of excess rubbish when the bins were full.’
    • ‘She said: ‘If we move to fortnightly collections we will be forced into taking rubbish to the tip.’’
    • ‘Their fortnightly meetings over the winter have been a fun place to be and have helped many people to realise they can get that message across - and feel the satisfaction of great achievement.’
    • ‘Surely a weekly / fortnightly collection of plastics, etc, by a small number of council lorries would have far less impact on the environment than thousands of individual car journeys to the tip.’
    • ‘I should like to join your many readers complaining about the changes made to the rubbish collection in York with the introduction of only fortnightly collections of the household waste bins.’
    • ‘Since green bins and fortnightly rubbish collections were introduced in Melksham last month, the Wiltshire Times has been inundated with letters and phone calls criticising the system.’
    • ‘The Government's been unwilling to change the system, instead urging families to overstate their income, or opt for a lump sum, not fortnightly, payment to avoid any debt.’
    • ‘Martin Walsh, Co. Secretary, explained that the tests were carried out on a fortnightly basis and the Health Board had been given a free hand regarding the testing.’
    • ‘The local fortnightly car boot sale is one of the fundraising activities which Michelle has organised and last Thursday she held a table quiz at Ashes Bar which raised over 250.’


  • Every two weeks.

    ‘evening classes will run fortnightly’
    • ‘Defending the council's street cleaning provision, environment spokesman Councillor Colin Hall said roads were inspected on a weekly basis and the council aimed to clean all streets fortnightly.’
    • ‘Whenever he got paid fortnightly he would clear the tab.’
    • ‘Don't forget to liquid fertilise the seedlings fortnightly using half strength liquid fertiliser.’
    • ‘Those who cannot manage weekly visits see Roselyn fortnightly or even monthly for their treatments.’
    • ‘Once a month the supervisor observed each aide conducting visits and visited the clinics fortnightly to discuss the programme and to review the records of the visits.’
    • ‘After her feet improved, she decided to keep having sessions fortnightly.’
    • ‘There are also frequent replacement lenses, which could be changed daily, weekly, or fortnightly.’
    • ‘It will see standard grey household waste bins being emptied fortnightly instead of weekly, while new green wheeled bins for garden waste are collected on alternate weeks from 60,000 homes in the city.’
    • ‘Home credit lenders are legal operations which offer short-term, small loans to people on low incomes, collecting repayments weekly or fortnightly by calling at customers' homes.’
    • ‘Householders will have their waste glass, paper and cans collected fortnightly, alongside usual refuse collections.’
    • ‘Try to do this weekly or fortnightly to take pressure off your digestive system and allow the body to cleanse and heal itself.’
    • ‘As a result there are increasing numbers of students in tutorials, which are commonly run fortnightly rather than weekly.’
    • ‘The students are monitored fortnightly, in both reading and writing; that will provide the key data, but their MAP test results will also be looked at.’

nounplural noun fortnightlies

  • A magazine or other periodical issued every two weeks.

    ‘the review was launched as a fortnightly in 1957’
    • ‘Most major cities have daily and weekly newspapers; in all, there are 20 dailies, 35 weeklies, 33 fortnightlies, 152 monthlies, and 111 quarterlies.’
    • ‘Weeklies and fortnightlies that started as literary magazines slowly fell into the groove as they became commercially unviable.’
    • ‘In the past year he has turned one of his fortnightly magazines into a weekly, and one monthly into a fortnightly.’
    • ‘The instant version of news was the monopoly of the television channels and the long winding analysis was firmly the domain of the weekly and the fortnightly.’
    • ‘I have been receiving your esteemed fortnightly.’
    • ‘I have been receiving your esteemed fortnightly regularly, which is popular among one and all.’
    • ‘The fortnightly has been so popular that parents who found Eason's in O'Connell Street sold out were driving out to Blanchardstown to get their hands on the latest issue.’
    • ‘In terms of journals, both weeklies and fortnightlies are published and aimed at general practitioners.’
    • ‘Besides dailies, some weeklies, fortnightlies and monthlies are also published from this District.’
    • ‘The delegation also discussed the problems of weeklies and fortnightlies with the minister.’
    • ‘Last year, there were 192 regular news publications - 35 dailies, 147 weeklies and 10 fortnightlies.’
    • ‘There are more than 5,000 dailies, 16,000 weeklies and over 6,000 fortnightlies in all Indian languages.’
    • ‘The variety of magazine types is even greater among fortnightlies and monthlies.’
    • ‘There are more than 10 daily newspapers and a plethora of weeklies and fortnightlies, many of which frequently criticize the government.’
    • ‘A considerable number of weeklies, fortnightlies and monthlies are from here.’
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