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Pronunciation /ˈfɔːtʃ(ə)nət/

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  • 1Favoured by or involving good luck; lucky.

    with infinitive ‘she'd been fortunate to escape serious injury’
    • ‘ it was fortunate that the weather was good’
    • ‘They said it was fortunate that nobody had suffered serious food poisoning.’
    • ‘I consider myself very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to move down south.’
    • ‘It is a unique stadium and I consider myself very fortunate to have played there.’
    • ‘I consider myself very fortunate to have found this place.’
    • ‘In domestic experiences, however, you will be less fortunate.’
    • ‘Their neighbors, especially Latinos who have lived in the Mission for decades, have been less fortunate.’
    • ‘I count myself incredibly fortunate that I have a number of friends like this.’
    • ‘I would count myself more fortunate if he were to resemble you in kindness and love of justice.’
    • ‘I felt extremely fortunate, more like a survivor than a champion.’
    • ‘She was so fortunate to get to do these two magnificent characters before anybody had any idea about them.’
    • ‘Actually, thinking about that makes me realise how fortunate I am.’
    • ‘Some people aren't as fortunate as us.’
    • ‘Are you aware that not many people are as fortunate as you are?’
    • ‘My children are incredibly fortunate to attend an elementary school that has a cook who cares.’
    • ‘For a fortunate few, it may be met with love and compassion.’
    • ‘Few business travelers could afford or justify the costly comforts lavished upon the fortunate few.’
    • ‘Police said the driver of the Range Rover was fortunate to escape without serious injury.’
    • ‘We are fortunate to live in a country where the food is so varied.’
    • ‘I am fortunate enough to live in an area with an excellent recycling scheme.’
    • ‘Miller was fortunate to receive a call from a potential buyer.’
    lucky, favoured, blessed, blessed with good luck, in luck, born with a silver spoon in one's mouth, born under a lucky star, having a charmed life, charmed, happy
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    1. 1.1Auspicious or favourable.
      ‘a most fortunate match for our daughter’
      • ‘Some of his most valuable connections flowed from the accident of a fortunate birth.’
      • ‘In theory, a currency union can offer economic benefits - but only under fortunate circumstances.’
      • ‘Being in such a fortunate position, it has the opportunity to do very well.’
      • ‘As we were lost this was a bit of a fortunate coincidence.’
      favourable, advantageous, providential, auspicious, welcome, heaven-sent, beneficial, propitious, fortuitous, promising, encouraging, fruitful, opportune, happy, felicitous, profitable, gainful, rewarding, helpful, useful, valuable, timely, well timed, convenient, expedient
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    2. 1.2Materially well off; prosperous.
      ‘a federal programme aimed at helping less fortunate families’
      • ‘The mass media play a vital role in campaigning for the welfare of less fortunate individuals and families.’
      • ‘Sadly, many other families were not as fortunate, and the loss of their loved ones must have been heartbreaking.’
      • ‘The benefit of being adopted by one of the more fortunate families was starting to show more and more.’
      • ‘She was always helping those less fortunate than herself so her family thought their gesture was appropriate.’
      • ‘At an early age she used her family's wealth to aid the poor and less fortunate.’
      • ‘Our thoughts are with families who are not so fortunate this New Year as we reflect on what we have got to be thankful for.’
      • ‘He also appealed to the public to assist those less fortunate by adopting a poor family in need of assistance.’
      • ‘Families today are not in the fortunate position they were in during the past.’
      • ‘Many of us are not in such a fortunate position as to be mortgage free.’
      • ‘Those who've given money should be proud that their donation has been a major benefit to those less fortunate.’
      • ‘Others aren't so fortunate, and may heaven help them, because they surely suffer.’
      • ‘Do you support any organizations that provide for the less fortunate during the holidays?’
      • ‘After the Second World War a basic living allowance, healthcare and education were provided to the less fortunate.’
      • ‘Small businesses rarely have the opportunity to contribute financially to the less fortunate.’
      wealthy, rich, affluent, opulent, prosperous, well off, moneyed, well-to-do, well heeled, comfortable
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Late Middle English from Latin fortunatus, from fortuna (see fortune).