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Pronunciation /ˌfɔːwədˈlʊkɪŋ/

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(also forward-thinking)
  • Favouring innovation and development; progressive.

    ‘a forward-looking company’
    • ‘A quiet, retiring man, Dominick was a progressive and forward-thinking farmer, and was highly thought-of by all who knew him.’
    • ‘In one decision, he is progressively democratic and forward-looking.’
    • ‘While at once forward-looking, a progressive movement is also well rooted in the historic tides of reform in America.’
    • ‘To be progressive and forward-looking is all that counts.’
    • ‘Investors want to locate in an area which is forward-looking and progressive.’
    • ‘They are a very hospitable, progressive, and forward-thinking people, and I wish them luck.’
    • ‘It's up to the local farmers how progressive and forward-thinking they want to be.’
    • ‘Naomi was no worse, and she conveyed to the world that we were a forward-looking, progressive congregation.’
    • ‘That's what you might do if you were an enlightened, forward-looking, liberal government.’
    • ‘And to an extent, some forward-thinking pioneers already have made their foray into this new frontier.’
    • ‘And it's a sad day when such a forward-thinking and innovative organisation ends up getting to the party when all the decent names have gone.’
    • ‘They would have been remembered not as forward-thinking reformers - but as mindless cultural vandals.’
    • ‘At the tender age of nine he was well aware of how extraordinarily lucky he had been and has since made a point of being determinedly positive and forward-looking.’
    • ‘A bright sunny morning with clear blue skies - perfect for producing the positive and forward-looking mood that I need.’
    • ‘Now isn't that a venue for a modern, forward-looking party?’
    • ‘Here is the forward-looking, modern and internationalist Sweden.’
    • ‘I just need to think my way through it and come to a positive, constructive and forward-looking conclusion.’
    • ‘So, the immediate task at hand is to create an image of the State as a positive and forward-looking one.’
    • ‘In a dynamic and forward-looking Europe, there were new audiences for music and an appetite for novelty.’
    • ‘Redundancies were regrettable, but a necessary part of a forward-looking modern economy.’
    progressive, enlightened, go-ahead, dynamic, pushing, bold, modern, enterprising, ambitious, pioneering, progressivist, positive, reforming, radical, liberal
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