Meaning of forward of in English:

forward of


  • In front of.

    ‘the units are located forward of the flight deck control and display panels’
    • ‘We are engaged in discussions parallel to the advance of the thrust forward of troops on the ground.’
    • ‘The poop deck shows the holes for the large skylights over the steering engines just forward of the docking bridge.’
    • ‘Lest they should run aground, depths were determined by tossing a line weighted with lead, forward of the ship.’
    • ‘Individual seating was provided for 22 passengers, along with a large private stateroom forward of the main cabin.’
    • ‘A painting of a bumble bee was applied to either side of the fuselage just forward of the cockpit.’
    • ‘To get orientation, the sides of the hull curve down slightly just forward of the debris from the wheelhouse.’
    • ‘To decock you simply mash the button located on the left side of the slide just forward of the front sight.’
    • ‘The removable box magazine holds 10 rounds of Long Rifle ammo, with a release lever located just forward of the trigger guard.’
    • ‘The shaft should be perpendicular to the ground, with the grip pointing just forward of your sternum.’
    • ‘The bomb bay is in the underside of the fuselage forward of the wing.’