Meaning of forward scattering in English:

forward scattering


mass nounPhysics
  • The scattering of radiation involving a change of direction of less than 90 degrees, in particular the propagation of high-frequency radio waves beyond the horizon by scattering or reflection from the ionosphere.

    ‘Figure 6c includes the mirrorantisymmetric layer that, within the accuracy of the calculations, removes the reflected contributions and the spurious forward scattering to leave transmission unhindered, as predicted.’
    • ‘Dead cells were discriminated from single viable cells by gating on forward scattering versus side scattering.’
    • ‘In general, kinoform diffusers provide very efficient and achromatic forward scattering of light.’
    • ‘Although it is generally best to avoid forward scattering effects when possible, in some instances they may be used to advantage.’
    • ‘Numerical simulations of the temporal evolution of laser light filamentation and stimulated Brillouin forward scattering in plasmas, under conditions that are relevant to laser fusion, are presented and analyzed.’