Meaning of forwarding address in English:

forwarding address

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  • An address given as the destination for mail to be sent on to after the intended recipient has moved house or changed location.

    ‘he packed up and left town, leaving no forwarding address’
    • ‘Twenty-three surveys were returned due to incorrect forwarding addresses.’
    • ‘I discovered the store was empty and the people who worked there had left no forwarding address.’
    • ‘When I called the electrician to come back and correct the problem I found that he had disconnected his phone and moved leaving no forwarding address.’
    • ‘In most cases, the checks came back because the recipient had moved and failed to provide a forwarding address to the IRS or the Postal Service.’
    • ‘If a creditor does not have a forwarding address then they will often write to the last known address for the person who owes the money.’
    • ‘I sent a routine notification to his forwarding address in America but got no reply.’
    • ‘She then the shelter staff with a false forwarding address in Durham and went to a friend's.’
    • ‘I was asked for a forwarding address for the final bill.’
    • ‘Leave your forwarding address with the receptionist in the main office.’
    • ‘When you move out, leave a written forwarding address for your ex-landlord.’