Meaning of forwarding agent in English:

forwarding agent


  • A person or company that receives and ships goods.

    ‘delivery to a forwarding agent’
    • ‘The refusal to hire forwarding agents aggravated delays in the delivery of goods as well as station congestion.’
    • ‘A national producer handed over the goods to a national forwarding agent, requiring of it that the goods be delivered abroad.’
    • ‘The delivery to a forwarding agent within Europe, for onward transportation outside Europe, clearly would not constitute the goods being in free circulation within Europe.’
    • ‘The supply chain involves products being taken from the manufacturing unit to the clearing and forwarding agent, then to the distributor, and then the wholesaler, before reaching the retailer.’
    • ‘Stuart had been acting quite independently as a forwarding agent for the container.’
    • ‘He stressed that the forwarding agents facilitate the relationship of importers and exporters with customs, tax offices, notaries, banks and other entities.’
    • ‘Some businessmen are colluding with local forwarding agents to import cargo into their country without getting an inspection certificate.’
    • ‘The current activity conducted by forwarding agents is not limited to dealing with the clearance of goods at customs ports.’
    • ‘They have introduced waivers to foreign investors as well as importers of medicine, chemicals, stationery, and raw materials for the industries to transport on their own or use the services of the forwarding agents and transit companies of their choice.’
    • ‘The east bank of the river became a warehouse district that was populated with merchants and forwarding agents.’