Meaning of foster home in English:

foster home

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  • A residential institution providing care and guardianship for children whose parents are dead or unable to look after them.

    ‘she lived in foster homes until she became an adult’
    • ‘He was raised in a foster home in Spain after his parents' marriage broke up.’
    • ‘Most of his early childhood was spent in foster homes on the east side of Montreal.’
    • ‘After his father abandoned the family, he and his siblings spent time in foster homes before reuniting with their mother.’
    • ‘Dreyer was raised in a succession of foster homes until he was adopted.’
    • ‘Having gone through a succession of foster homes and schools by the age of 10, he was committed to a therapeutic unit.’
    • ‘He jumped from foster home to foster home as a youth.’
    • ‘Even at the age of two, for a child to leave their mother to go to a foster home could potentially be quite damaging.’
    • ‘She requested that the children be moved to a different foster home.’
    • ‘She was placed in a foster home, but she ran away just before she left for college.’
    • ‘He grew up in foster homes and a Catholic orphanage.’