Meaning of fouetté in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfwɛteɪ/


  • 1Ballet
    A pirouette performed with a circular whipping movement of the raised leg to the side.

    ‘In Don Quixote Manolo Molina (as Fifi Barkova, as Kitri) even performs a series of fouettés - the whipping spins that most female dancers have trouble with.’
    • ‘The session ended with Bouder exhausted and Mann making a final revision of the position of the arms in the fouettés in a circle, bringing them down first, then overhead.’
    • ‘So, I came out for the coda, and while I was doing the fouettés, I sprained my ankle.’
    • ‘Legnani would then do her thirty-two fouettés with the supporting leg never wandering outside the chalk circle.’
    • ‘Fouettés are usually performed in a series, with the most famous example being Odile's 32 consecutive fouettés in Act III of Swan Lake.’
    1. 1.1A quick shift of direction of the upper body, performed with one leg extended.


French, past participle of fouetter ‘to whip’.