Meaning of foul one's own nest in English:

foul one's own nest


(also foul one's nest)
  • Do something damaging or harmful to oneself or one's own interests.

    ‘we seem to have fouled our own nest, running up huge debts and deficits’
    • ‘Yet consistently, with appalling regularity and style, he has displayed an equivalent capacity to foul his own nest, plucking frequent disasters from the jaws of personal victory.’
    • ‘Do these other magazines understand that by painting a dark and distorted picture of the bodybuilding world, they are fouling their own nest, shooting themselves in the foot by undermining their own future?’
    • ‘Of course, this romantic observation occurs in an essay called ‘Murder in the Kitchen,’ in which Watts also writes that by ‘destroying our environment and fouling our own nest… the world around us looks as if we hated it.’’
    • ‘This works in part because the criminals are careful not to foul their own nest.’
    • ‘I agree we are unlikely to destroy the planet, but are highly likely to foul our nest beyond habitability for ourselves.’
    • ‘Now the prime minister has gone a step further in the process of fouling his European nest.’
    • ‘At a time when politician-bashing has become a national sport, too many MPs have joined in this campaign, denigrating politics as a vocation. In effect, they are fouling their own nests.’