Meaning of foulard in English:



mass noun
  • 1A thin, soft material of silk or silk and cotton, typically having a printed pattern.

    ‘There were also elements of sharp tailoring, accessorised with traditional silk foulard snaffle scarves, cashmere striped sweaters and plenty of bling with gilt accessories.’
    • ‘Montagut also features Hawaiian-inspired foulard prints and gingerbread-coloured summer leather, capturing the glamour of summer.’
    1. 1.1count noun A tie or handkerchief made of foulard.
      ‘The silver-haired Louis Nagan, token old queen, completed his outfit with a fabulous foulard and oversized heart-shaped brooch.’
      • ‘For example, the foulards are long and narrow so they suit the taste of Americans.’
      • ‘The Italian suppliers may help anybody to solve any kind of special need, now offering even single outstanding foulards produced by ink-jet printing.’
      • ‘This initial collection features 15 foulards in five sizes, crafted from fine silks and wools.’
      • ‘Mother Vale tosses herself down the stairs when she doesn't get her way at Charlotte's welcome home party, at which Charlotte refuses to put back on her foulard and her glasses.’
      • ‘At Adam's, Babe wears her foulard like a belt just like Maggie does: need I say more?’
      • ‘And like every item we custom-craft in Baldoria, each foulard incorporates a truly unique touch - a personal message that appears to be woven right along the edge of the foulard.’
      • ‘No, you use a printed silk foulard and express your sensitivity and refinement at the same time.’



/ˈfuːlɑː/ /ˈfuːlɑːd/


Mid 19th century from French, of unknown origin.