Meaning of foundation stone in English:

foundation stone


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  • 1A stone laid at a ceremony to celebrate the beginning of construction of a building.

    ‘Construction of the tower began on 11 December 1912, with the laying of a foundation stone, in a ceremony held on the completed foundations and steps.’
    • ‘In October 2002, Mr Callely laid the foundation stone of the building, which received €25 million in Department of Health funding.’
    • ‘It was July 21, 1962 when the Governor of Western Australia, Sir Charles Gairdner, attended a ceremony to lay the foundation stone.’
    • ‘He lunched with young pupils in their canteen, then spent an afternoon dropping in on lessons and chatting informally before laying the foundation stone for a new building.’
    • ‘Now an extension is being added to the building and the foundation stone will be laid by North Wiltshire MP James Gray on Friday, April 4.’
    • ‘Work has already begun on the ‘Yorkshire School’ in Batticaloa with the foundation stone laid in a ceremony in November.’
    • ‘The glass jar was found by demolition workers underneath the foundation stone of a building at East Ardsley Primary School, in West Yorkshire.’
    • ‘It was very nice of Chief Minister Sushilkumar Shinde to have laid the foundation stone of the building and give his sanction to the project.’
    • ‘The foundation stone of the new building was laid by the Union Tourism and Culture Minister, Jagmohan, on Monday.’
    • ‘September 1 saw the laying of the foundation stone for the new building at Banglamung Children and Family Shelter.’
    • ‘He allowed the Hindus to prepare for the construction of a new temple with the ceremonial laying of a foundation stone on November 9, 1989.’
    • ‘Prince Philip unveiled the building's foundation stone in 1999, and the Queen chose the museum as the first stop on her Golden Jubilee tour last year, gaining it widespread publicity.’
    • ‘There was a delay to the commencement but on April 19, 1871, the foundation stone was laid by Bishop Moriarty and the building was completed in October 1872.’
    • ‘The first foundation stone was laid in October 1953 in a ceremony that was attended by representatives of a variety of bodies including Mr Clark from the Ministry of Education.’
    • ‘Mr Blair laid the foundation stone more than two years ago when building work started and returned yesterday to see the completed stadium in east Manchester.’
    • ‘The foundation stone for the Central Block was laid in 1922 and Wits University opened the following year.’
    • ‘On 9 December 2002 on the occasion of Stefan Ryser's 40th birthday, the foundation stone was laid for the building of a kindergarten in Wanginsah.’
    • ‘A feature of the celebrations will be the laying of the foundation stone of a new hospital.’
    • ‘Although some of the terms used to describe the foundation stones are archaic, others are simply uncommon.’
    • ‘Yesterday I had the honour to attend the ceremony for the laying of the foundation stone for the Paknam Tower.’
    1. 1.1A basic or essential element of something.
      ‘family life is one of the foundation stones of a good society’
      • ‘It is an essential foundation stone for any serious appreciation of the cultural history of a large proportion of the world.’
      • ‘Now that means that a very fundamental foundation stone to the law of defamation is in fact non-existent.’
      • ‘There are two centres, two foundation stones to my life here.’
      • ‘The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.’