Meaning of foundation subjects in English:

foundation subjects

plural noun

  • The subjects which form the basis of the National Curriculum, including (or loosely, those other than) the compulsory core subjects.

    ‘Schools may choose to deliver foundation subjects weekly or to block teaching time and perhaps cover history during one term and geography in another.’
    • ‘However, the CBA strongly opposed a proposal that in-depth training for primary teachers should be restricted to English, maths and science, with only superficial training in a range of other foundation subjects.’
    • ‘The foundation subjects for the 2005 Course will be business studies, mathematics and computer science.’
    • ‘The non-core foundation subjects are dealt with in much less detail in Filling the Gaps.’
    • ‘In this section, you will find examples of why and how teachers have embedded English in foundation subjects and enhanced children's learning in these subjects.’
    • ‘They study all the foundation subjects which are required by the professional bodies and which form the backbone of our legal system.’
    • ‘And that is why the foundation subjects have their place.’