Meaning of founder effect in English:

founder effect


  • The reduced genetic diversity which results when a population is descended from a small number of colonizing ancestors.

    ‘The two-dimensional pattern of colonization also played a major role, increasing the number of source populations for each newly founded population and thus strongly reducing the founder effect.’
    • ‘Demographic history appears to have been stable for the auklets throughout the past several million years, and a founder effect associated with their speciation is unlikely.’
    • ‘The differences between replicates possibly result from a founder effect.’
    • ‘This large number of reported inherited diseases has two main causes: the close surveillance to which dogs are subjected, and the founder effect and inbreeding practiced in pure-bred dogs that uncovers recessive disease alleles.’
    • ‘This is best explained by a male founder effect during the colonization of northeast India that is estimated to have occurred within the past 4,000 years.’