Meaning of foundress in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfaʊndrəs/

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  • A female founder, especially a fertile female animal that founds a colony.

    ‘she was the sixth-century foundress of a community of women’
    • ‘foundresses set up a new nest in spring’
    • ‘There is evidence that pedicels of ovaries containing wasps grow more than those that do not, but pedicel length at wasp maturity is probably still a good indicator of ovary position when foundresses oviposit.’
    • ‘Nests become social if a second foundress successfully usurps the nest with the original foundress remaining in the nest as a nonreproductive guard (if she leaves, the nest remains solitary).’
    • ‘Investment preservation may also increase with the number of foundresses remaining on a colony, because of the increased likelihood that a foundress will be present to preserve past investments.’
    • ‘The relative importance of LMC and of inbreeding depends on the number of foundresses that oviposit in a local patch.’
    • ‘Relative to the foundress, soldiers have an enlarged prothorax and fore femora, reduced wings and antennae, and a pale exoskeleton.’