Meaning of four-engined in English:


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  • (chiefly of an aircraft) having four engines.

    ‘the larger four-engined plane’
    • ‘The airline also has options for a further ten of the four-engined, long-range jets.’
    • ‘The journey to the BAS stations is by boat or a four-engined aircraft.’
    • ‘With binoculars, we could even make out the sleek, four-engined bombers, the sunlight flashing off their wings.’
    • ‘She is faster than any four-engined bomber now in service anywhere in the world.’
    • ‘Late in 1940, the first of the new four-engined bombers, the Short Stirling, came into service.’
    • ‘We have a large but graceful four-engined ship.’
    • ‘With Charles at the controls, his four-engined passenger jet with 11 people on board touched down too late and too fast.’
    • ‘Around 4.30pm a big four-engined airliner flew over.’
    • ‘A giant four-engined bomber that saw action in the Second World War flew into view and rained the poppies into the Solent.’
    • ‘I could only stand behind the pilots and watch in awe as they flew this four-engined monster.’