Meaning of four-handed in English:


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  • 1Having, using, or requiring the use of four hands.

    ‘a four-handed massage using sesame oil’
    • ‘This album is a bit different in its strong focus on the four-handed piano works.’
    • ‘They engaged in some playful four-handed piano playing as the audience sang and clapped along with the musicians.’
    • ‘Their dialogues suggest a sophisticated four-handed piano duet in which she leads and he responds.’
    • ‘They are a huge part of the live show, the sound of wood on wood in a rapturous four-handed rhythm ringing out over the harmonious mayhem with such primal authority.’
    • ‘In India, gold is associated with the four-handed goddess of wealth.’
    • ‘These spas have popularised the four-handed massage, conducted by two therapists simultaneously.’
    • ‘He also prescribed a four-handed massage using sesame oil that ushers me into a 12-hour slumber after nights of insomnia.’
    • ‘In the last few years, the four-handed massage has made its way into a few select spas across the city.’
    • ‘They played an enthusiastically received four-handed adaptation.’
    • ‘He enjoyed a four-handed keyboard partnership with his student.’
    1. 1.1Having, using, or requiring four people.
      ‘the four-handed game can be played in partnerships’
      • ‘Eleven cards are dealt to each player in the four-handed game.’
      • ‘In the four-handed game, each player is dealt nine cards.’
      • ‘The four-handed version of this game will be explained first.’
      • ‘The web page includes rules for the four-handed versions of cribbage, some notes on the history of the game, and links to computer cribbage games.’
      • ‘With more than four players, I recommend playing each round four-handed with players rotating in and out of the game.’