Meaning of four flush in English:

four flush


North American
  • A poker hand of little value, having four cards of the same suit and one of another.

    ‘Being dealt a pat flush before any cards are dealt and getting that flush after you're already holding a four-flush are two completely different things!’
    • ‘Just remember, a four-flush with A-K on the flop is a powerful hand that should be played aggressively.’
    • ‘As a side note, were you the player with the four-flush in this situation, a call would be okay.’
    • ‘If you have a four-flush after the flop, there are nine of your suit left in the deck, so you have nine outs.’
    • ‘This means that the odds are more than 4 to 1 against you when you draw one card to a four-flush.’
    • ‘Although it would be possible to flop a four-flush or flush, the hand would have little value unless you held the A of the suit.’
    • ‘Even the best possible bluff - where the player holds an Ace or King, another card which matches the dealer's upcard, and a four-flush of the same suit as the dealer's upcard - is unfavorable.’
    • ‘Always hold High Cards when you are dealt no pairs, four-flush or open-ended four straight - in other words, miscellaneous high cards.’
    • ‘In this form of poker, there are two extra recognized hands in addition to the standard ones: four-straights and four-flushes, ranking between one pair and two pairs.’
    • ‘Mostly, online, I've just been hammering away with the big hands, and lying in wait with all those top-pairs, four-flushes, and OESDs.’
    • ‘If we are known to check-raise all-in with a four-flush after the flop (as mentioned above), it will be right to check-raise all-in when we have a great hand too.’
    • ‘A four straight and a four flush both rank as hands.’
    • ‘Danger arises when the four flush doesn't hit on the flop, but I pair my A, K or low kicker card.’
    • ‘On the flop, the contest is often heads-up, and the four flush loses money on every additional bet to the pot.’
    • ‘If you flop a four flush or an open-ended straight you can continue if the pot odds justify it, especially if you are drawing to the nuts.’


(also four-flush)
[no object] informal North American
  • Keep up a pretence; bluff.

    • ‘your mother will get wise that you're four-flushing’