Meaning of four o'clock plant in English:

four o'clock plant


another term for marvel of Peru
‘Bacteria reisolated from four o'clock plants and characterized were the same as the original strains.’
  • ‘Can he do so by crossing pink Japanese four o'clock flowers with white Japanese four o'clock plants?’
  • ‘Flowers of Mirabilis jalapa, the four o'clock plant open at sunset and closed at sunrise, they also remain open during dark cloudy days.’
  • ‘Step into the Weller Haus Bed and Breakfast by a gated entry past the violets and the four o'clock plants to find your urban hideaway.’
  • ‘The classic study of maternal inheritance was performed by Correns on the four o'clock plant.’
  • ‘I have a four o'clock plant that was given to me by a friend.’
  • ‘The plant belongs to Nyctaginaceae family of bougainvillea and four o'clock plant.’
  • ‘Mirabilis jalapa (four o'clock plant, marvel of Peru) is a bushy, short-lived, tuberous perennial with ovate leaves.’