Meaning of fourth dimension in English:

fourth dimension



  • 1A postulated spatial dimension additional to those determining length, area, and volume.

    ‘Their momentum along the fourth dimension would appear as additional mass in three dimensions, so we would observe heavy photons or heavy electrons, for example.’
    • ‘The conflicting claims of class and confession represent an additional, necessary fourth dimension to this paradigm.’
    • ‘Granted, to the hypercube, the fourth dimension is only another spatial dimension, but to us, the fourth dimension seems to be temporal.’
    • ‘Now, however, because of the curvature of space, there is a theory permitting an infinite fourth dimension of space in a configuration that so closely mimics three dimensions that the two worlds are virtually indistinguishable.’
    • ‘And here there dawned on me the notion that we must admit, in some sense, a fourth dimension of space for the purpose of calculating with triples…’
    • ‘First, risk is a fourth dimension in the trade space, recognizing that critical decisions may be driven by the risks of certain alternatives.’
    • ‘If the strength of the electromagnetic force of Nature is constant in the four-dimensional world, then it will be found to change in strength in the three-dimensional world in proportion to the extent of the fourth dimension.’
    • ‘Evil extraterrestrials, residue crystals from Atlantis, evil humans with anti-gravity devices or other weird technologies, and vile vortices from the fourth dimension are favorites among fantasy writers.’
    • ‘The fourth dimension can either be time or another spatial dimension, wrapped up so tightly that we can't perceive it.’
    • ‘Their idea of non-Euclidean space and mysterious interferences between simultaneous objects in a fourth dimension led in fact again to a most traditional peepshow framework of painting, of which the viewer was an outside observer.’
    • ‘One might conclude that the expansion of our three-dimensional space requires the presence of a fourth dimension.’
    • ‘This case is particularly important because the volume of our universe is believed to be a 3-dimensional surface that is curved in a fourth dimension.’
    • ‘There is a feel of perspective from a fourth dimension… it is like feeling you are literally walking down the halls and looking at the Pictures as at the same time you are listening to the music in the warmth of your study… unstuck in time.’
    • ‘Therefore, when you enter the fourth dimension, you are actually moving two places closer to each other?’
    • ‘Convinced that previewing is believing, he decided to tiptoe into the fourth dimension of computer modeling and marry the building's curvilinear, leaning and swooping geometry to the planned schedule.’
    • ‘Her interest in Sufism dates from this period as well, and is reflected in her celebration of ‘a vitalist force that lives even in the smallest point of connection between the visible realm and the fourth dimension.’’
    • ‘The process of shaping memory material through interpretation, imagination, and rhetorical context leads to transformation, the fourth dimension of rememoried knowing.’
    • ‘A new, revolutionary three-dimensional scanner (sometimes known as a 4D scanner as it can provide the fourth dimension of movement) can help you to do this and more besides.’
    • ‘It's still the definitive discussion of the fourth dimension using the one-dimension down analogy.’
    • ‘Even though we cannot grasp the fourth dimension directly there are several ways to access it.’
  • 2Time regarded as analogous to linear dimensions.

    ‘As things change over time, a fourth dimension needs to be added to politics - and my way of doing this is to argue that what is the right course of action changes with time.’
    • ‘Is time just a fourth dimension which, together with the three dimensions of space, helps to comprise a unitary four-dimensional manifold in which all physical objects and events somehow reside?’
    • ‘Time as the fourth dimension is basically just a mathematical gimmick to make some relativity equations easier to work with.’
    • ‘The 3 - D world plus the fourth dimension - time - is about to go away as a concept - to be replaced with perhaps as many as TEN dimensions.’
    • ‘This interplay proves to be the true extending, playing in the very heart of time, the fourth dimension, so to speak - not only so to speak, but in the nature of the matter.’
    • ‘The term ‘4D modeling’ refers to 3D models that also embody the fourth dimension of time.’
    • ‘Not paying attention to the two meanings of the term ‘space’ is the source of all the confusion about whether time is the fourth dimension.’
    • ‘He had gone so far as to show them the model of a curious machine he had built, which, he declared, could travel through the fourth dimension - time.’
    • ‘Its magic and charm is in its problem solving, on the order of the fourth dimension: time.’
    • ‘What is actually happening, as you learn various techniques, is that your perception of the three dimensional adjusts to a fourth dimension: you begin to see time, or if not time itself then the consequences of time.’
    • ‘Today we toss around terms like ‘the end of the Cretaceous extinction’ with such ease that the full significance and near incomprehensibleness of the geologic time scale are lost in the sheer size of the fourth dimension.’
    • ‘Later on, people decided that one good way to think about the fourth dimension is to think of it as time.’
    • ‘This interest in motion led Weber and other artists to try to represent the passage of time, which, at the time, was thought of as the fourth dimension.’
    • ‘They would also become conscious of the passage of time - the temporal as a kind of fourth dimension.’