Meaning of fourth position in English:

fourth position


  • 1Ballet
    A posture in which the feet are placed turned outwards one in front of the other, separated by the distance of one step.

    ‘He opens the door in tights, a cashmere sweater jauntily tied around his neck, his feet in a very good fourth position.’
    • ‘He produces explosiveness by establishing a solid foundation from which to work - deep plies; cross-braced, turned-out fourth positions; wound-up bodies that unfurl a vortex of energy.’
    • ‘Preparations for pirouettes are disguised by making them quicker without sitting in the plié - the back leg is straight in fourth position.’
    1. 1.1A position of the arms in which one is held curved over the head and the other curved in front of the body at waist level.
  • 2Music
    A position of the left hand on the fingerboard of a stringed instrument nearer to the bridge than the third position, enabling a higher set of notes to be played.

    ‘There are many fewer preparations for second and fourth position than for third and fifth.’
    • ‘It is the first note to be sharp in the seventh, third, sixth, second, fifth, first and fourth positions.’
    • ‘Yes she has learnt fourth position but I think what her teacher wants is now to get her used to playing extensions in first positions.’