Meaning of foveal in English:




See fovea

‘Ophthalmologic examination with the slit lamp demonstrates the iris pigment defect, as well as retinal hypopigmentation and foveal hypoplasia.’
  • ‘After a few months most of them had recovered fully, but six were left with faint shadows in their central vision corresponding to a small foveal burn.’
  • ‘A plane visible in the foveal field from 5,000 feet would only be visible at 500 feet or less if it's more than five degrees on either side of the foveal field - hardly enough room to take evasive action.’
  • ‘The computer screen was placed at a distance of 300 cm from the participants to permit the foveal fixation of potential target locations.’
  • ‘This loss appears to be more accentuated in foveal as opposed to peripheral vision.’