Meaning of fox cub in English:

fox cub


  • A young fox.

    ‘residents spotted a fox cub trapped underground’
    • ‘I have considered it a privilege to watch fox cubs play, otters fish, salmon leap, and blackcock lek without causing disturbance to wildlife or landowner.’
    • ‘They photographed the kennel man as he left the chickens by an earth where some fox cubs lived.’
    • ‘I couldn't believe it when a fox cub appeared a minute later with a young rabbit in its jaws.’
    • ‘Bottle-feeding 22 fox cubs night after night is not a task many people would relish.’
    • ‘The entertaining fox cubs we delighted in are now grown and searching for food.’
    • ‘The Tasmanian Devils might take young fox cubs in the den.’
    • ‘Fox cubs are usually born in March.’
    • ‘There, frolicking in the early morning sunlight, were two tiny fox cubs.’
    • ‘I saw a fox cub running across the road and diving into the hedge as I drove past.’
    • ‘Around half a million fox cubs are born in the UK every year.’