Meaning of fox hunt in English:

fox hunt

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  • An act or period of hunting a fox across country with a pack of hounds by a group of people on foot and horseback.

    ‘they decided to join a couple of fox hunts to pass the time’
    • ‘Pembrokeshire's two fox hunts are considering their futures now that a hunting ban has become a reality.’
    • ‘For fun, there were horseback rides and fox hunts.’
    • ‘The Charlton Hunt was an early formal fox-hunt, dating to 1732.’
    • ‘A neighbor suggested Young join him on a fox hunt.’
    • ‘The fox hunt will have blocked these escape routes, forcing the fox to flee across land and thus provide a chase for the hunt.’
    • ‘Protests against Boxing Day fox hunts have been called off by campaigners.’
    • ‘Thousands of determined hunters were expected to turn out today for what could be one of the last legal fox hunts in York and North Yorkshire.’
    • ‘This would allow licenced fox hunts to continue if they can prove they perform an essential role in rural areas.’
    • ‘The Protection of Wild Mammals Act provides for up to six months in jail and a £5,000 fine for anyone who takes part in a fox-hunt using dogs.’
    • ‘Fox hunts are not exactly common phenomena in today's society.’