Meaning of foxiness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɒksɪnəs/


See foxy

‘He is equally adept as an artist and a producer of others; he has his own charitable foundation dedicated to improving conditions in his native Haiti and, in person, radiates a sleepy-time foxiness.’
  • ‘The muzzle shall not be sharply pointed and there shall be no evidence of snippiness, foxiness or whisker pinch.’
  • ‘The wines are inexpensive, and occupy a small special niche, which has been subject to some derision, in part because of foxiness and sweetness.’
  • ‘The berries had a rather mild fruity flavor flavor, without any hint of foxiness.’
  • ‘We listen to their music, evaluate their stage-banter and take note of their haircuts, shoes and general sense of foxiness.’