Meaning of fractionalization in English:



(also British fractionalisation)

See fractionalize

‘Growing staff volatility, and fractionalisation, has added a significant administrative burden to school management teams, whose energies ought to be directed at improving educational standards.’
  • ‘In the final section, I present three brief case studies to illustrate that ethnic fractionalization must be complemented by a subtler understanding of the political significance of identities and the character of ethnic relations.’
  • ‘The last forty years have witnessed a trend of political fractionalisation in the developed world.’
  • ‘Furthermore, it is desired that a certain level of oxygen purity be produced by the gas fractionalization system.’
  • ‘The principal idea is that greater fractionalization, proxying for the degree of conflict in society, leads to political instability, which in turn leads to higher government consumption aimed at placating the opposition.’